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Retreat 2021: The Mentors Speak!

It was a big switch to hold our retreat online this year, and everyone rose to the challenge!

Our facilitators have this to say about the event:

The R.O.P.E. retreat has always been an occasion for the scholars to get to know one another and for the mentors to forge deeper connections with them as well. Though this year's retreat was held online, it was my pleasure to lead a session on creating a vision board. While it may seem like a simple activity, there is tremendous power in the intentional cultivation of words and images. It provides an opportunity for our scholars to manifest their dreams and goals in a very real and visible way. We want to use everything at our disposal to encourage and equip them to boldly step into the future."

Roberta McCulloch Dews

Director of Administrative Services, Mayor’s Office/City Hall

R.O.P.E. Mentor.

This year was my first R.O.P.E. retreat, and as a new mentor, it was a great opportunity to meet the mentees and mentors alike. It was wonderful to see everyone so engaged in the activities planned, and to see the existing connections that the mentees have with each other as well as with the other mentors. Though the retreat was held virtually, the takeaways were tangible and “offline". I am excited to see the growth from the mentees as we start a new year empowered and refreshed!

Charell McKenzie

Owner/Founder Community First Therapy and Consulting LLC

R.O.P.E. Mentor

Under the lead of Shirley Edgerton, R.O.P.E does an excellent job of investing in and encouraging youth in Berkshire County. From my brief experience interacting with these young people, I understand why they are referred to as Scholars. Their understanding of sophisticated investment concepts and their thoughtful questions left no doubt in my mind that there were some future analysts and financial advisors in attendance. I feel honored that I was asked to speak to so many future leaders of the Berkshires and beyond. I look forward to being more involved in R.O.P.E in the future.

Marcus Coleman

Client Services Representative, Raymond James Syracuse Orange Alum Football

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